SEATTLE gallery 1412 -- {MAY 2014}

(Soma)tic Workshops at
gallery 1412
1412 18th Ave., Seattle

1pm on Sunday, May 11
1pm on Sunday, May 18

$27 for one or $45 for both
(please bring cash)

(Soma)tic poetry rituals create what we can refer to as an “extreme present” set to reveal the creative viability of everything around us.  In our 2 workshops in Seattle we will find the poems in notes from maps we draw, maps of each other, veins of the room, the street to El Dorado, a chanting, a flow of sap and thoughts inside a tree, a pen infused with one inexplicably beautiful day.  The map and the poem have endless possibilities!  For a recent example “Ant Cartography,” go to this link: