(Soma)tic Poetry Workshop
September 9th, 2010

workshop starts at 6:30 pm

(limited number of participants)

The poet Robert Duncan says "Responsibility is to keep the ability to respond." Soma (spirit) and somatic (flesh) come together in (Soma)tic Poetry as an awareness, a constant awareness, for the poems we can make from this world.

Unlike other (Soma)tic workshops in the past this one will have a very small number of participants so that we may move together, always stay and work together for these poems. HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US! IT'S GOING TO BE AN AMAZING TIME IN CHINATOWN!

To REGISTER please email CAConrad888@gmail.com
with the subject line CHINATOWN WORKSHOP.

The workshop is $45

Checks or money orders must be mailed
before September 5th.

Please make checks or money orders
out to CAConrad, and mail to:

POBox 22521
Philadelphia, PA 19110

OR write to CAConrad888@gmail.com to make other arrangements for payment.

This is going to be an amazing time working together,