(Soma)tic Poetry Workshop
New York City
August 8th, 2010

(limited number of participants)

Soma (spirit) and somatic (flesh) come together in unexpected ways for poetry when investigating busy streets, stores, sidewalks. Chinatown has such alchemy every single day awaiting our discovery.

As Alice Notley says, "Poetry's so common hardly anyone can find it." (Soma)tic poetry exercises build on this very notion, giving any square inch its opportunity to release the poem. We will examine faces, doorways, restaurant menus, gift shops, trees, weeds between cracks, we will ABSORB Chinatown, translate Chinatown into poems.

We will meet at 1pm, and work into 5pm, maybe longer. Please bring plenty of water, pens and notepads, as we work hard taking notes to create the poems.

To REGISTER please email CAConrad888@gmail.com with the subject line CHINATOWN WORKSHOP.

The workshop is $44

Checks or money orders must be mailed to CAConrad before August 5th.

Please make checks or money orders out to CAConrad, and mail to:

POBox 22521
Philadelphia, PA 19110

OR write to CAConrad888@gmail.com to make other arrangements for payment.

This is going to be an amazing time working together, hope you can join us,